Broadening Our Thinking: Team Recommendations

Our team will bring you four recommendations to explain our plans for water, basic sanitation and electricity. We hope you like it!

Jenifer Colpas, Tierra Grata’s executive director, recommends watching the film Dark Waters.

It’s a real-life story that we need to see, remember, and above all, so it never happens again. For decades, the multinational DuPont Corporation hid unfriendly practices, harming the water and health of thousands of people in a small town in the United States. The film also shows the personal sacrifice that is assumed when you want to do the right thing and fight big companies.

Alexander Durán, the chief operating officer, recommends watching the documentary Period.

The idea of some Oakwood School students became a 26-minute documentary that won an Oscar. It can be found on Netflix and shows us the empowerment of a group of women in Delhi, India, who create business ventures to make sanitary towels and create jobs. This documentary, above all, shows the great taboo that still exists around the menstrual period of women. Ideal to understand why the lack of basic sanitation harms the female population the most.

KatyMorales, Social Management Coordinator, recommends the «PureEnergy- Climate Change and Energy» podcast.

To those who want to follow my recommendation, I will tell you that this podcast talks about climate change as a global phenomenon, to which humanity must adapt because there is no way to reverse it. It also places a emphasis on all the mitigation actions that can be implemented, including the use of renewable energies. The invited expert is Enrique Angel Sanint, director of Poleká Kasué, the climate change strategy of EIA University (and sister initiative of EnergEIA). He talks about the effect of climate change on energy resources and details the research that the group develops in Los Nevados Natural Park.

Jose Estupiñan, Communications and Marketing Coordinator, recommends the book «We painted birds in the air,» by journalist Juan Pablo Calvás.

In this book, the journalist Juan Pablo Calvás presents an analysis of government plans at the national level from the government of former President Alfonso López Michensen (1974) to the last government of former President Juan Manuel Santos (2018). With that, it gives us a clear X-ray on what we were promised, and after all, they have breached and stayed on paper. Recommended reading not to swallow promises dry and to size the background of what is now disappointing news, hopeless contexts, and zero credibility in the institutions that represent us.

In an interview with Claudia Palacios, Juan Pablo Calvás talked about his book. We painted birds in the air. If you want to purchase it, go to this link.

Extra content

Also, it is always pleasing to recommend our productions: On this occasion, we recommend you to listen to the episode «Silenced Voices» from the podcast «The Water Revolution,» in which we talk about organized criminal violence whose hand hoards lives and nature, and in which community activists, opponents of megaprojects, forest protectors, indigenous guardians and farmers leaders throughout the region have been beaten by their work around the conservation and proper use of natural resources. La Revolución del Agua

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