Tierra Grata’s New Campaign: Prevent By Helping

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, but everyone has threatened us differently. For hundreds of families in informal work, where economic incomes depend on daily search, measures of preventative isolation and social estrangement lowered profits, in many cases, to zero. In addition to living with the threat of the virus, these families have faced […]

Rural Guajira: Teacher and Mother

The day she received the news, Ana María Uriana was teaching a class to twenty children. It was a hot summer day in the arid desert of the Middle Guajira when she heard the news: The Ministry of Education had compensated her for the decade she devoted to teaching by appointing her teacher in the […]

Education Without Water: The Guajiran Challenge

Columbia is a beautiful and diverse country which allows tourists to enjoy a variety of landscapes that vary between seasons and latitudes. However, many residents experience a sharply distinct reality: the conditions in which they live often prevent them from fundamental rights like access to water and education. When we talk about “education” in the […]

The Water Supply in Santa Marta: An Update

A new promise for clean drinking water in the city of Santa Marta was declared in August 2014 by then-mayor Carlos Caicedo. Caicedo contemplated the idea of using the Guachaca River as the primary source of water for the city and the adjacent municipalities. The idea was axed in December of that year by the […]

Water Replenishment in Santa Marta: Recurring Drought Without Respite

While chewing a leaf of ayahuasca under a tree’s shade, Héctor Rodríguez Anchila, president of the Association of Artisan and Cultivation Fishermen (CRÍAPEZ) wonders whether the afternoon’s heat is an omen that the river will suffer in the coming days. Every summer for the last three decades, the rivers that go down from the Sierra […]