[Workshop AGUASAN 2019] “Promoting the Human Right to Water and Sanitation (HRTWS) through sustaininable business practices”

HRTWS is a public policy conference which focuses on how organizations can promote the Human Right to Water and Sanitation through the adoption of inclusive business approaches.

From the 13th to the 17th of May 2019 the 35th AGUASAN Workshop was held in Spiez, Switzerland. The conference provided a platform to analyze the strategies and tools necessary for countries to create functional Human Right to Water and Sanitation (HRTWS) practices that allow sustainable companies to expand.

The 35th AGUASAN Conference welcomed 49 water and development professionals from across the world. The different groups provide technical, technological, legal, and institutional assistance at different levels of society.

For instance, Raphael Graser of Antenna Technologies shared SpringHealth’s successful and inspiring business model in India. They are a social enterprise that delivers 120,000 liters of drinking water per day by having local entrepreneurs deliver jerry cans to homes.

Tatjana von Steiger, the Deputy Assistant Director-General of the SDC’s Department of Global Cooperation, highlighted that “systemic changes are needed for which we need partnerships to establish stable frameworks. Peace and access to water is a precondition for attracting impact investors. The concept of SDG is there, but we need pilots and entrepreneurs to fill it, reinforcing the relevance of this workshop.”

Amanda Loeffen of WaterLex focused on the human right to water and sanitation the role entrepreneurs can play?

Valentín Post explained the approaches that the Dutch Development Cooperation has used to scale sustainable businesses. He also showed links between government, business, finance, and communities.

To provide a solid, deep, and practical foundation, the workshop presented real case studies, which were shared, studied, and analyzed during group work sessions. Six entrepreneurs presented their organizations during the conference to share their stories and experiences. 

Participation of Global Programs

Speaking on behalf of the Global Water Program, headquartered in Lima, Kenneth Peralta explained his organizations’ work with special emphasis on its project combatting the growing water footprint. The programs also work with Tierra Grata which seeks to improve access to water and sanitation in rural communities through sustainable technologies.

Adapted article from Swiss Cooperation.


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