Grata Energy in rural areas: Tierra Grata and Signify install 35 poles in Montes de María

Tierra Grata and Signify installed 35 solar energy poles in Hondible, Montes de María. The inhabitants of this rural community can now enjoy illuminated community spaces, encourage sports practice and improve their quality of life thanks to clean and safe Energia Grata.

Tierra Grata and Signify carried out the installation of 35 solar energy poles in Hondible, Montes de María. Thanks to this project, the inhabitants of this rural community now have illuminated community spaces, which will allow them to extend their recreational hours and make better use of the night hours.

Hondible is an hour’s drive from the municipal capital, Carmen de Bolívar. After this journey, it is necessary to walk for two hours to reach the community. The inhabitants of the community, as Guardians trained by Tierra Grata, were in charge of transporting the solar energy poles and successfully installed them on the soccer field in the area.

The inauguration of the solar power poles was a great success. The community held a soccer match as part of the First Intercommunity Tournament of Light, in which the women’s soccer teams of Hondible and La Cañada took part. The illumination of the soccer field will encourage the adoption of sports practices and will allow the inhabitants of the Hondible hamlet to enjoy night activities.

“This has been an unforgettable experience. It fills us with emotion to be able to see the faces of our neighbors, friends and family illuminated with the energy of the sun. Now we can enjoy our soccer field at night, encouraging the adoption of sports practices in our community,” said Kelly Aragón, one of the residents of Hondible.

This project is an example of female empowerment in rural areas of Colombia. The presence of the women’s soccer teams in the Intercommunity of Light tournament shows the commitment and active participation of women in the development of their communities.

In addition, the installation of the solar energy poles in the Hondible neighborhood highlights the role of the Guardians, community leaders who have been trained by Tierra Grata in technical aspects so that they will be in charge of the maintenance and monitoring of the solar solutions.

“We are proud to have trained our Guardians, community leaders who will be responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of solar solutions in the community. Thanks to the support of Signify, we have been able to make this installation possible, improving the quality of life of the people and taking care of our environment,” said Jose Estupiñan Martinez, Communications and Marketing Coordinator of Tierra Grata.

The collaboration between Tierra Grata and Signify has been instrumental in making this installation possible. Signify is a leader in the global sustainable lighting market. Its commitment to energy efficiency and its ability to convert light sources into data points make it a key ally in bringing sustainable solutions to rural Colombia. Together, we contribute to a more connected, more productive and safer world through clean energy.

With this initiative, Tierra Grata reaffirms its commitment to provide sustainable solutions to rural communities, contributing to the economic and social development of the region. It also invites more partners to join this work, to achieve a more just and inclusive future for all.

Join us in this work and let’s make a difference together.

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