Rural areas in Colombia play an essential role in the country's development, as they are an immense source of wealth in terms of human capital and natural resources.

Despite their immense wealth in human capital and natural resources, they face with greater intensity the problems that affect the country: poverty, inequality, violence and displacement.

Help promote an innovative, sustainable and humane Colombian countryside. Your contribution is key to face the challenges that affect rural areas of the country.

Are you someone who wants to make a difference and help peasant, indigenous, Afro-descendant families and victims of violence to have access to basic services such as lighting, drinking water and dignified sanitation?

Be a Socio Grato!

You can also make your contribution to the Bank Bancolombia savings account # 7860 0000 511.

Private sector

Do you work for a company that wants to strengthen its area of social value?

Join us to develop energy, water and sanitation projects in homes, schools and community centers

Public sector

Are you part of a public entity or non-governmental organization and are you interested in bringing our solutions to communities in your region?

With our solutions we share social value with companies committed to the development and well-being of the communities.

Be our ally and reduce the gaps between the city and the countryside, accelerating their productivity, well-being and the development of the country.
For more information write to us at

Do you want to be part?

Send us a message to work as a team!



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