Lines of intervention


Noche Grata, Luz Grata y Casa Grata.
We provide clean energy service through solar systems in public and domestic spaces, increasing the productivity and well-being of families. We have three programs: Noche Grata, Luz Grata and Casa Grata.


Gota Grata
We provide drinking water treatment through water filters that allow families to have 40 liters of safe water per day, reducing diseases related to lack of water. Our program is Gota Grata.


Baño Grato
We provide safe sanitation service through our ecological bathroom that does not use water, generates compost and provides safer spaces by reducing the practice of open defecation. Our program is Baño Grato.

Why do we do it?

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of the Colombian population does not have access to electricity or it is of poor quality, which reduces the quality of life, which increases school dropouts

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of Colombians have inadequate drinking water service, do not have continuous service, or the quality of the water they receive is poor.

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of the inhabitants in Colombia do not have access to safe sanitation, diminishing the feeling of security and well-being of women.

Intervention model

The Tierra Grata Social Intervention Model (MISTIG - for its acronym in Spanish) is an internal work guide of Tierra Grata and that was born after the improvement and accumulation of the documentation of internal experiences of the organization. It consists of three stages and nine phases in total and is today one of the main tools for managing all the organization's social intervention projects.


In the pre-installation we have the initial phases of Recognition, Assembly and Survey and, in general terms, they are the tools to better understand the context of the community and identify general characteristics that will allow to plan in more detail the execution of the project in the next stage. .


In the installation stage we have the Co-creation, Training and Execution phases. It is at this stage of the Tierra Grata Social Intervention Model where the results are tacitly visualized and includes the active participation of community members.


Finally, in the last post-installation stage are the final Survey, Assembly and Results processes. They are basically the closure of the project and what it seeks is to measure the impact of the work carried out to discover its success or not, socialize it with the community in order to receive effective feedback and make the results visible to both external and internal public.

Tierra Grata Social
Intervention Model