4 % of the Colombian population does not have access to electricity or it is of poor quality, which reduces the quality of life, which increases school dropouts

Given this, we provide clean energy services through solar systems in public and domestic spaces, increasing productivity and the well-being of families. We have three programs: Noche Grata, Luz Grata and Casa Grata.

Solar panel lighting system for community spaces such as streets, community rooms, parks, squares, etc. It turns on a led light bulb automatically at nightfall and turns off when the sun rises the next day.

Portable lamp with solar energy panel, wired light bulb, charging ports and cables to charge devices such as cell phones and radios.

Solar energy system that has the capacity to illuminate 4 light bulbs, charge cell phones, connect radios and other small appliances. It is made up of 4 bulbs, a controller, a battery, an inverter and a solar panel.

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2019 collection

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