Transforming Rural Communities: The Impact of Tierra Grata in 2023


For Tierra Grata, the year 2023 was a period of great changes and challenges, but also of significant achievements that have marked the course of our mission objectives. Here, we tell you a little of what we achieved:

We had a total of 19 installation days in our Energy, Water and Hygiene areas, bringing solar light, dry toilets and water filters to rural communities, schools and homes. Adapting our sanitation solutions while respecting their local traditions.

In addition, we consolidated Tienda Grata, with 8 rural enterprises led by women, recognizing the important role of women’s economic empowerment in generating positive changes within rural communities.

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We expanded our operations to Sucre, especially in communities in the municipality of Ovejas and the Montes de María subregion, allowing us to reach more communities, adding 2558 new users and training 17 new guardians.


With the Casa Grata Program, we illuminated the homes of 3,360 new users in La Guajira, Bolívar and Cesar, with 890 decentralized solar energy systems, which in other words, means that a hundred Wayúu, Wiwa, Afro and peasant families can count on energy to light their nights.

On the other hand, with Gota Grata we brought clean water to 858 additional people. In addition to guaranteeing access to sanitary facilities to 1,500 new users with the program Baño Grato. These figures are more than just numbers; they represent changed lives and strengthened communities.

Vilma Arenilla, president of the Junta de Acción Comunal de Vereda Macondo (Community Action Board of Vereda Macondo) is a witness of how the little school of the Vereda, which houses about 70 children and lacks the basics and many things, has managed to move forward, evolving a little into the future thanks to entities such as Tierra Grata.

Join our cause to bring the essentials to everyone this 2024! At Tierra Grata we are committed to providing access to basic services such as clean energy, clean water and safe sanitation in Colombia’s most remote rural communities.

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