Tierra Grata: A year of achievements in sustainable rural development

Tierra Grata presents 2022 Management Report, a year of great achievements and opportunities to contribute to rural development in a more holistic and sustainable way. Tierra Grata, a social enterprise dedicated to sustainable rural development, is pleased to present our 2022 Management Report, which details the progress and achievements made in a year full of […]

With solar energy, Wayúu community inaugurates its first store

Due to  to energy from solar panels, more than forty families will begin to enjoy refrigerated products such as cold meats, beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables. In the Kayetamana indigenous community located in the municipality of Riohacha, department of La Guajira. In June, the inhabitants of the area dressed up to celebrate the inauguration of […]

Project Noche Grata has come to Cartagena’s Isla de León

The project, translated as “Pleasant Night,” consists of the construction and installation of five lampposts in an undeveloped sector of Cartagena. The project is an initiative aimed at bringing light and electricity to different populations of Columbia. Led by the Tierra Grata Organization, the work will install lampposts with solar panels and LED bulbs that favor hundreds of families. […]