Tierra Grata: A year of achievements in sustainable rural development

Tierra Grata presents 2022 Management Report, a year of great achievements and opportunities to contribute to rural development in a more holistic and sustainable way.

Tierra Grata, a social enterprise dedicated to sustainable rural development, is pleased to present our 2022 Management Report, which details the progress and achievements made in a year full of challenges and opportunities.

In terms of our operations, we organized a total of 12 installations in the three lines of operation we work in: Energy, Water and Hygiene, installing a total of 47 solar poles in community spaces, as well as 33 toilets and 245 water filters in rural schools and for families.

During 2022, we expanded our solutions to rural schools, improving the quality of education through access to basic services in remote communities. In addition, economic growth was boosted through the installation of community stores that were a source of income generation for the communities.

In addition, we expanded into new territories, reaching the south of Magdalena for the first time thanks to alliances with airlines that allow us to reach further and more efficiently. We also formed a Board of Advisors, comprised of experts with vast experience, who provide new ideas and insights to increase social impact.

Finally, the company received our first social investment, allowing us to scale our impact and reach more people with our solutions.

All of the above resulted in the incorporation of 2963 new users and 34 new guardians, and will continue to work continuously and scaled in the territories where they already have a presence to generate greater social impact.

“We have had a year full of challenges and learning, but the most important thing is that we have positively impacted thousands of people, providing them with the essentials and a more dignified life”, said Jenifer Colpas, Co-founder and CEO of Tierra Grata. “All of this would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of all our allies and collaborators, thank you for being part of this great work!”.

At Tierra Grata we believe in the magic of working together to achieve our goals. We value the power of partnerships and the importance of listening and joining ideas that transform lives and generate hope. We are driven by the development of our region and country, and we collaborate with women, teachers, entrepreneurs, business people, farmers, youth and social leaders.

Gratitude, solidarity, creativity and proactivity are values that guide the way we build trust. Our cause is to work so that the splendor of Colombia’s rural areas is reflected in a dignified life, with more development, better education, more quality employment, less inequality and new and better possibilities.

Tierra Grata, we bring the ESSENTIAL to EVERYONE.

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