A Brighter Future for All: Transforming Rural Education in Colombia

Discover more about our Rural Schools program, an innovative initiative designed to overcome the educational challenges faced by rural schools in our country. With a focus on access to essential basic services, such as energy, water and sanitation, we are opening the door to equal educational opportunities for all children and youth in the most […]

The triumph of light: how soccer and solar energy transformed a rural community

The Torneo Intercomunitario de la Luz brought with it the promise of access to community energy and the opportunity to showcase the talent and skills of women soccer players from the Hondible neighborhood. For these women, soccer is a way to escape the daily routine and to demonstrate their courage and talent in a male-dominated […]

Palmiculture in the Montes de María: obstacle or opportunity for energy transition?

The palmiculture has been expanding in the Montes de María, generating significant income for farmers and companies in the region. However, it is also having negative impacts on the environment and communities. Details of how this activity in this sub-region of Bolívar relates to the just energy transition. The energy transition sought by the government […]

Potable water to boost Zipacoa’s social development

From time to time, Zipacoa, in northern Bolivar, faces a water crisis as the local administration and citizens try to make do with their already depleted water reserves. The ground on which Diana mata walks is cracked and dry, but at the same time, it sinks a few centimeters with every step she takes. The […]

PHOTOREPORT: Quarantine in Perspective

For the inhabitants of La Paz, “reinventing” is not something new. Since its founding, they’ve been doing it. However, the Covid-19 virus imposes a late challenge on them, which they must take on with numerous limitations. “Rain is a blessing. But it also brings us the problem that the trucks filled with water tanks can’t access […]

Three Privileges of Having Electricity

How many of us have been outside our homes looking for a plug to connect our cell phone that is about to download? If you’re one of those people, this #LecturaGrata is for you. Only in the first half-hour of the morning, before going to our workplace or study, we have already used at least […]