Defecating Outdoors: A Practice to Eradicate

Ramos Hurtado, civic leader of the village La Suprema, located in the lower area of the municipality of Marialabaja, tells us that he had to buy a chamber pot that his mother, Gladis Helena Hurtado, could do her basic day-to-day needs. To her age, faithful companion day and night prevents her from defecating on the […]

Marlene Ramos and the Bolivarian Portrait of Rural Women

Marlene Ramos is a resident of the village La Suprema, in the foothills of Marialabaja, she works as a housewife. She oversees the cultivating, processing, transporting, and distributing the food and resources that her family consumes. For her, one of the greatest needs in its context is the lack of basic sanitation and drinking water. […]

The River Artery of Hidroituango

The Ituango hydroelectric project or “Hidroituango” has its central axis, the supply of energy for the national territory. Doing this will make use of one of our most important water resources, the Cauca River. The work itself is the most ambitious among the country’s energy projects because it extends over 520,000 hectares. However, beyond the […]

The Women We Admire

Today is celebrated as International Women’s Day. The date was declared by the United Nations in 1975 and was first commemorated in the West two years after its establishment. March 8 represents demonstrations for the struggle of rights and the various movements, events, and mobilizations that gave rise to their origin. The ephemeris is the […]

La Playa teachers: Does Having a Bathroom Affect Education?

Dayana Julio begins her journey shortly before dawn. She takes a bus and a motorcar to travel 30 kilometers to the community school La Cangrejera, located in La Playa, where you work. Gustavo Villalba, her partner, takes ten minutes to arrive, as he lives close to the community. Both belong to the UNICEF Back-to-School program, […]

Tierra Grata’s New Campaign: Prevent By Helping

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, but everyone has threatened us differently. For hundreds of families in informal work, where economic incomes depend on daily search, measures of preventative isolation and social estrangement lowered profits, in many cases, to zero. In addition to living with the threat of the virus, these families have faced […]