Drinking water in Cartagena: What are the candidates proposing?

In the face of mayoral elections across the country, we reviewed the proposals related to water issues for each candidate running for the position of mayor of Cartagena. Currently, there are 12 candidates for mayor.  No proposal: Five of the fourteen candidates do not present any government program. They are Germán Viana, Minerva Romero, Rosmery Torres, […]

Health: A rural debt

Imagine that you need to go to the bathroom so much that your body cannot take it anymore. However, you are not at home, or in the office or college. What’s more, you’re not in town; you’re surrounded by trees, some wooden houses and yes, people are looking at you. You need an urgent bathroom. […]

Game of Thrones

This is not a fictional TV series. It’s a real race to access an intimate, clean toilet that can save your life. Discover your position in this game by adding one point for each positive response and zero for each negative response. Add your final score and tell us your result. 1. Do you have […]

World Health Day

The toilet has its date on the calendar and its own annual celebration. But what does it have to do with healthcare? As it turns out, quite a lot. A bathroom saves lives, reduces poverty, and dignifies people’s lives. That is why this day is commemorated on the 19th of November to remember that more […]

The Roads of the Water

These are different stories Columbians and their relationship to water. They were counted during the Literary Editing workshop held by La Feria del Libro de Barranquilla LIBRAQ. More than 15 people participated, including one of our co-founders. First Story: Children’s Game. Estefanía fits her three dolls on the floor and sits them against the gallows that […]

The Zenu Community in Gambote, an Example of Resistance.

Zenú Indians refuse to be forgotten. They have survived colonialism, armed conflict, and intense winters. Today they have joined the technology with solar panels to continue adapting and resisting. How to get there? If you are a walking citizen, you must take a bus to the transport terminal of the city of Cartagena; you will […]