Game of Thrones

This is not a fictional TV series. It’s a real race to access an intimate, clean toilet that can save your life. Discover your position in this game by adding one point for each positive response and zero for each negative response. Add your final score and tell us your result.

1. Do you have a clean and functional toilet in your home?

2. Does your toilet connect to a working sewer or special waste service?

3. Do you feel physically safe when using the toilet?

4. Are the streets and fields near your home free of human manure?

5. When you are outside your town or city, can you always find a toilet?

What’s your score?

5 Points: You are sitting on a privileged throne. Did you know that? You are part of 40% of people in the world who have access to safe sanitation.

3 and 4 points: Perhaps your throne or your environment is not so hygienic and you are exposed to the disease. Learn about healthy environments and join or create a health campaign for you and your family members.

1 and 2 points: You practice open defecation and likely live in rural areas of Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, or the Middle East. However, you can build your dry toilet. Write to us and we’ll tell you how.


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