Joining Efforts for Social Entrepreneurship

The team at Tierra Grata has brought electricity to more than 100 families in the Colombian region bordering the Caribbean such as Montes de María. They were inspired by hearing about the lack of access to electricity in Colombia, which affects about 4% of the country’s population and causes problems including a greater rate of high school dropouts. 

That’s an example of social entrepreneurship! Tierra Grata is just one example of the organizations which sustainably respond to the social and environmental needs of people at the bottom of society. Empowering Columbia’s communities requires powerful innovation. This year, RECON is calling for initiatives in the following categories: Economic Development, Education, Environment, Peace, Participation and Human Rights, Agricultural Development, and Gender Equity. 

One of the greatest harms of modern society is the portrayal of the desire for immediate wealth in the figure of the entrepreneur. Someone develops a great idea based on technology, develops it in their garage, and gets rich overnight. This person then goes on to drive a fancy car, donate his fortune to philanthropy, and maybe even harvest his own food.

This portrayal misunderstands economic development. Entrepreneurship is an attitude to life while entrepreneurialism is the creation of companies. Thus, when a person identifies as a social entrepreneur, they are identified as an agent of social change.

RECON’s call for social entrepreneurship will culminate at a meeting of Columbian social entrepreneurs on November 6. The call is open for all Colombia initiatives that are registered before August 28.

Adapted article from El Colombiano.

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