SIM Announces Winners for the Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development Competition

Following 615 nominations from non-governmental organizations and academia, and a rigorous evaluation process involving the Colombian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CECODES), the National Planning Department (DNP), the Swedish Embassy and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), we are pleased to announce the five projects selected for the SIM Initiatives Competiton for Sustainable Development:

  • Bancalimentos.
  • Bomberos indígenas forestales.
  • Internado indígena de Siapana.
  • Corporación Construyendo Futuro – CORPFUTURO.
  • Fundación Tierra Grata.

These five initiatives exemplify how innovation, creativity, and work can function with civil society, international cooperation, the private sector, and the public sector all contributing to improving society. 

We hope that the resources each organization will receive will enable them to strengthen their projects so that they can reach new territories and continue to change the lives of hundreds of Colombians, especially those communities that are most vulnerable and historically affected by armed conflict.

Tierra Grata Foundation

This project provides innovative and low-cost solutions to reduce the social inequality of rural households, ensuring access to energy, water, and sanitation services. For this, the Tierra Grata Foundation makes use of sustainable technologies to empower communities instead of pursuing profit. With the resources obtained through this prize, solar-powered lampposts, bathroom facilities and water filters will be installed; and community management committees will be set up.

*This is a joint communiqué between the National Planning Department (DNP), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Swedish Embassy in Colombia.

Adapted article from UNDP.


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