Social Worker Killed in Cartagena

The police are investigating a death in Cartagena which appears to be an act of intolerance. 

The Criminal Investigation Section (SIJM) branch of the Metropolitan Police of Cartegena is looking into the case of a man identified as Rafael Gaspar de las Aguas who was murdered in the El Pozón neighborhood of Isla de León.

Authorities initially believed that the murder occurred amidst a party where many were thoroughly intoxicated. However, the man’s friends disagree with this version of events, suggesting that his death was instead an act of intolerance.

They argue that Rafael Gaspar was riding a motorcycle when a buildup of sand prevented him from continuing. On the other side of the buildup was a large party. When De las Aguas asked if he could pass, his alleged murderer attacked him with a knife. 

A history of social work

Rafael de las Aguas was one of the strongest community figures in the area and a major volunteer of the organizations Techo sede Cartagena, Unidos por los Niños y Tierra Grata.

He had a major influence on his community and encouraged children to become agents of change. 

We extend unconditional support to Raphael’s family in this time and encourage strength, unity, and patience in this difficult situation. We also extend these wishes to all close friends and co-workers of Rafael Gaspar,” assured the Techo Foundation’s Cartagena headquarters after the murder. 

Originally published in: Caracol Radio.

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