Tierra Grata Delivers Electricity to the Isla de León Neighborhood

Tierra Grata constructed and installed 5 public lampposts poles in four streets in Isla de León, in alliance with Fonducar, Tecnar and the local communities. 

Requiring a battery replacement every two years, these lampposts will last a quarter of a century.

They will guarantee 110 thousand hours of light and their brightness range is up to 20 meters. Made of recycled materials such as accessible and economical PVC pipes, these lights utilize state-of-the-art technology such as solar panels and high-efficiency batteries, ensuring continuous 12-hour lighting production.

“I am happy because with these new poles I feel safer even in my own home. Previously all the light bulbs I put on the terrace of my house were stolen, I thank Tierra Grata because from tonight we will see a change in the neighborhood” explained Pedro Bravo, a member of the community who assisted the installation. 

“Bringing light to every corner of Colombia allows us to impact an entire population and generate development and better living conditions. Today we actively have the participation of residents of the neighborhood, previously trained to energize and cohesive the community through social technologies,” asserts Jenifer Colpas, the executive director of Tierra Grata.

The Noche Grata project aims to bring light to different populations of Colombia through the installation of light poles that have solar panels and LED bulbs. According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, nearly 500,000 families do not have access to electricity, while the Institute for Planning and Promotion of Energy Solutions for Non-Interconnected Zones (IPSE) notes that up to 66% of the country does not have access to electricity. 

This story was adapted article from The Bolivarian.

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